weighted_gloryWelcome to my new blogging project.

What will this blog be about?

The Bible, church history, and Christian life and culture, from the perspective of an egalitarian evangelical and single mother. The theology of divorce and the life of the single Christian are two areas I have become interested in during this past year, for obvious reasons, and hope to cover in some detail.

So this blog will be about evangelical egalitarianism? 

No, this blog will assume evangelical egalitarianism in its critiques and commentaries on other subjects. I may occasionally contend for the egalitarian worldview, but for the most part, I’ll just assume it in my approach to other topics, the same way I would assume Trinitarianism is correct when blogging about Theodosius or Sabellianism.

How will this blog be different from your other blogging projects?

The biggest difference from my other blogging projects is that I hope to consistently generate content. I was very active in blogging at one of my old blogs from 2008 – 2011, and a pretty consistent guest contributor to some other blogs during that time, but since then have been mostly inactive, both in writing for blogs and in commenting on them.

The second biggest difference is that I am more accessible on social media now. You can connect with me on Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, or GoodReads, and you can like this blog on Facebook. I even have a smartphone now. (See? Miracles do happen!)

Finally, this blog will not be about Mormonism (the religion of my ex-husband, the religion of my alma mater, and the dominant subject of my master’s thesis), and this blog will make very little reference to Mormonism. Anything I have to say about Mormonism I will say on either LDS & Evangelical Conversations or Worlds Without End (and I hope to return to making at least monthly contributions to those blogs soon). I will not cross-post here when I post at one of those blogs. If you’re interested in keeping up with my occasional posts on Mormonism, I recommend either following me on Twitter or subscribing to one or both of those blogs.

If and when Mormonism becomes a subject that a lot of evangelicals are talking about (evangelicals who don’t normally discuss it), then I may blog about it here. But beyond that, I would like to compartmentalize that area of my life and relegate it to other blogs and venues.

Relevant posts from my old blogging projects have been republished here, but this is the first original post on this blog.

So, welcome to the blog, and thank you for reading. I have a post scheduled to publish later today.

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