prayI’m kind of a sucky pray-er, and it’s my own fault. I think I always used to feel like my praying had to be perfect or else there was no point. Lights off, quiet place, on my knees, no distractions.

I’ve learned since then that some praying is better than no praying, and while getting rid of the distractions is a good thing, you shouldn’t let an inability to get rid of distractions keep you from prayer.

So, here are five places where you can say prayers on a regular basis that you might not have thought of before.

(1) While you’re breastfeeding. Got that wriggling bundle of joy stuck to your boob? Feeling like the Boppy nursing pillow has become your prison? Put down the Smart Phone and use the time for prayer. This doesn’t just have to be for breastfeeders, either. My first kid had a cleft palate and couldn’t nurse, so I’ve done this both ways. For dads and formula-feeding moms, giving a bottle to a small baby can still be awfully restrictive, so make good use of the time and pray.

(2) While you’re riding your bus or train to work. I take the Metra to uptown Chicago every weekday. It’s a long commute. Nothing wrong with bowing your head and slipping in a little prayer time. What are you afraid of? That the other passengers will notice? They’re probably busy picking their noses anyway. Just pray.

(3) While you’re engaged in a drawn-out chore that does not require much focus. Gardening, mowing the lawn, folding clothes, scrubbing the floor, the list goes on. If the chore takes some time and doesn’t require a lot of focus from you, it’s not a bad time to give some focus to God. He really doesn’t mind.

(4) While you’re driving to work. Got a long commute? Stuck in traffic? You’ll have to keep your eyes open (obviously), but unless you’re carpooling, there’s nothing wrong with turning off the radio and using this time to talk to God. You’ll be surrounded by a freeway full of people and still have perfect solitude.

(5) On work breaks. Do you get 10-minute or 15-minute breaks once or twice a day at work? A 30-minute or 60-minute lunch break? Can you slip away to a quiet place? Great. Then throw in some prayer. Your Dumb Ways to Die score can wait.

Where is your favorite place to work prayer into a busy schedule?

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  1. I actually rarely pray on my knees in a quiet place! We have a family prayer together before leaving the NICU each night, but I also pray silently (or sometimes aloud) all day long while I’m rocking Lucy or in the car, showering, etc. I send up lots of quick prayers throughout the day, asking for strength or giving thanks. I need to spend more time really having some in-depth prayers, but I do love that I have mini-conversations with God all day long. 🙂

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