RarityGreetings (again) and welcome to the new home of Weighted Glory.

The short story: I had to move the blog from WordPress.com to WordPress.org and, in the process, change the URL from http://www.WeightedGlory.com to http://www.Weighted-Glory.com.

The long story: 

I started the blog on a WordPress.com Premium two-week trial, which gave me a private domain name and a bunch of other features for $99/year. It was nice for the ease in blog design customization (you can customize the colors and fonts of any of the free WordPress.com themes with just the click of a button), but contained a critical flaw: you can’t use Javascript buttons or badges on the site. That means no Amazon Affiliate badges, no Facebook “like” or Google+ “+1” badges, and so forth. WordPress.com breaks the code when you try to put it into your posts, they say “for security reasons.” Reality: they don’t want people monetizing their free blogs. I can understand implementing that restriction on the free WordPress.com blogs, but I think folks who are paying for their blog hosting should have that restriction removed.

My other problem was that the WordPress.com Premium support was lousy. There is no phone number to call into for technical support, and I submitted a ticket / forum thread 3 days ago that has, so far, gone unanswered by their staff.

I made the decision to move to Web hosting and registration via GoDaddy, only to learn that the domain http://www.WeightedGlory.com is ineligible for transfer because ICANN rules require domains to have existed for 60 days before they can be transferred. It was either pay WordPress.com Premium $99 and suck it up for a year, or register a slightly different domain. I chose the latter at a cost of about $35 for both hosting and domain registration.

So, I am now at http://www.Weighted-Glory.com. I’m still running the Adelle theme by BluChic, but I can’t customize colors at the click of a button anymore, and it’s going to take a little tooling around with CSS to restore my teal color scheme. Hopefully I’ll get it done by this weekend.


A word on themes: I like the Adelle theme a lot. Most of the “free” WordPress.com themes are very boxy and masculine with very plain fonts. Adelle feels very feminine, but still works well for discussion blogging. The “confetti” in the header isn’t really my style, but I’m working on removing that with CSS. It’s a fully responsive theme, meaning it adapts for different browser sizes {tablet vs. mobile vs. PC}. The WordPress.org version of Adelle is not exactly the same as its WordPress.com counterpart, but there is a nice instructional video on YouTube that I am currently working through.

I’m actually crushing on the Lynnette theme (also by BluChic), which costs $79, and may upgrade to that sometime next year. But it’s Adelle for now.

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