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The Elephant’s Defamation? Thoughts on the Harvest Bible Chapel Lawsuit

Christianity Today recently reported that Harvest Bible Chapel—a 13,000-member megachurch based in Rolling Meadows—is suing a pair of bloggers (and their non-blogging wives) for defamation, along with a reporter who was working on a story about HBC. The bloggers used to run The Elephant’s Debt, a watchdog site dedicated to exposing alleged financial mismanagement and leadership dysfunction at HBC. I say “used to” because the blog went inactive after December 5th, 2017, and has since only posted brief updates on the lawsuit (this will become relevant in a minute).

I have no firsthand knowledge of Harvest Bible Chapel. I have never visited them (despite living next door in Palatine for three years) or blogged about them, and I was not aware of The Elephant’s Debt prior to today. I’m commenting on this because, earlier this year, I found myself in a nearly identical situation as the TED bloggers. I was sued pro se by Arlington Heights business owners concerning posts I had made on a consumer watch dog blog. In their complaint, the business owners alleged that that I was guilty of both defamation and false light, just as HBC now alleges of TED. 

In another striking similarity to HBC v. TED, the blog I had created had been mostly inactive for over a year prior to the suit. I had posted frequently between May and November 6th, 2016, then pretty much stopped posting. The plaintiffs had printed out most of my blog in mid-September, 2016, and then, as far as I could tell, never revisited the blog. They sent me a cease-and-desist letter in late October 2017. I promptly removed the entire blog per their request, but they sued me anyways in mid-December 2017, citing only posts that were published in 2016. Their case was dismissed with prejudice in March 2018. 

I cannot comment on HBC’s deceptive trade practices claims against reporter Julie Stern Roys, but having read the complaint (h/t Wondering Eagle), and having recently defeated a very similar lawsuit against me filed in the same state and same county, I will comment on the lawsuit against TED. 



RarityGreetings (again) and welcome to the new home of Weighted Glory.

The short story: I had to move the blog from to and, in the process, change the URL from to

The long story:  (more…)

Greetings and Welcome to Weighted Glory!

weighted_gloryWelcome to my new blogging project.

What will this blog be about?

The Bible, church history, and Christian life and culture, from the perspective of an egalitarian evangelical and single mother. The theology of divorce and the life of the single Christian are two areas I have become interested in during this past year, for obvious reasons, and hope to cover in some detail.

So this blog will be about evangelical egalitarianism? 

No, this blog will assume evangelical egalitarianism in its critiques and commentaries on other subjects. I may occasionally contend for the egalitarian worldview, but for the most part, I’ll just assume it in my approach to other topics, the same way I would assume Trinitarianism is correct when blogging about Theodosius or Sabellianism.

How will this blog be different from your other blogging projects?